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21 People Who Thought They Didn't Have A Cat But Were Wrong

We all know cats are fairly independent creatures. They think for themselves and are relatively self-sufficient.

So much so, that they can even choose their own households apparently.

These people were unaware that they owned a cat...until one showed up in their house. The cats are just confused as to why these people didn't have one in the first place, so they decided to solve that problem.

Here are some of the best "this is not my cat" moments.

1. "This is not my cat."

2. "Got home from work and fell asleep. Woke up with this guy on my lap. I don't have a cat."

3. "Walked into my kitchen to find this. As a side note, we don't have a cat..."

4. "Left the apartment door open for five minutes and came back to this. Not my cat."

5. "My dad just sent me this picture from our bathroom. We don't have a cat."

6. "Didn't spot him at first so got a slight shock. Also, that is not my cat."

7. "Looked down aaaaaaaand I don't have a cat."

8. "Went to feed my cat and this is what I found... This is not my cat."

9. "I don't have a cat. Luckily, my neighborhood comes with curbside cat service."

10. "Bringing in groceries.. See this in my car.. I don't have a cat."

11. "I heard a faint meow from the other room... This is not my cat, and I'm on the second floor"

12. "Found this guy in the sink, I don't have a cat."

13. "I don't have a cat."

14. The cat is thinking "This is not my sink."

15. Well it looks like you do now.

16. You should have closed the door if you didn't want new housemates.

17. But you promised treats...

18. Looks like you have a new shopping buddy!

19. Ghost cat?

21. Study Buddies 4 LYFE

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