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16 Online Shopping Fails That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Buying things online can be rather convenient. But sometimes online shopping can be a bit of a disaster. It's kind of a crap shoot. Do you trust the seller? Do you know their history?

Personally, I'm extremely skeptical about shopping online. You can't just walk back to the store and return it!

Check out some of these hilarious online shopping fails. Some of them you blame the store, but some of them you can't help but think were preventable. Has anyone ever thought of looking at dimensions or size?!

1. This rug that at least allowed the dog to go on a magic carpet ride

2. Flowers are not green onions and vice versa

3. She ordered a cutting boards that collects crumbs. Clearly it was only meant TO cut crumbs.

4. Were...were you on a doll site?

5. I sincerely hope this was not your wedding dress.

6. We have different definitions of what constitutes a 'large dog'.

7. Did the cost not tip you off?

8. Either a small woman or a large cat

9. Did you run out of cups?

10. Blond, blind, same thing, right?

11. Subtlety is clearly not a strong suit here.

12. That's just lazy, honestly.

13. Whose hands are this high?

14. I'd take the cats.

15. There is no way to defend this complete lack of effort.

16. The stuff nightmares are made of.

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