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People Who Watched This Haunting Video Say She Was Followed By 'A Demon' Before Her Mysterious Death

Canadian tourist, Elisa Lam checked into the Cecil on January 26, 2013, a reportedly haunted budget hotel in Southern California.

Elisa had been in constant contact with her parents back in British Columbia, but on January 31, 2013, the day that she was expected to check out, Elisa didn't call. Her worried parents called the Los Angeles police and flew to LA to help with the search, but she was no where to be found.

Two weeks later, police released this eerie video of her last known sighting. A fuzzy surveillance video shows Elisa acting strangely on the day of her disappearance : seemingly communicating with someone the camera can't see, pressing all of the buttons in the elevator, waving her hands about and appearing to hide inside the elevator.

Viewers of the video couldn't shake the eerie feelings they had as they watched her enter and exit the elevator.

On February 19, an employee went to investigate the four 1,000 gallon water tanks after receiving multiple complaints of low water pressure, and oddly colored, unusual smelling water. When he opened the hatch of one of the tanks, he found Elisa's naked body floating face-up about a foot below the water surface.

Shortly after news of the terrifying discovery, the elevator video went viral and theories about her death being linked to the hotel's dark past circled the internet.

Hotel Cecil's creepy history; serial killer guests, murders and suicides, had conspiracy theorists claiming that Elisa had somehow become possessed during her stay, or was being followed by an angry ghost.

Elisa's autopsy after death showed no evidence of drugs other than her own prescription medication, allergy medication and ibuprofen. Her death was ruled "accidental."

What do you think? Psychotic episode or angry spirits! Let us know in the comments below.

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