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Perfectly Preserved Child Found Buried in 1800s Casket Under Family Home

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Last May, workers discovered a tiny, ornate casket with a perfectly preserved toddler entombed inside. The casket had two, small glass windows through which they could see the delicate features of what appeared to be a 2-year-old girl.

The tiny lead and bronze coffin was discovered under a San Francisco home - much to the surprise of its residents. Although no one knew for certain who she was, it was clear that the little girl was not born in this century - in fact, it was estimated that the casket was crafted sometime in the 1800s.

Construction workers were remodeling Ericka Karner's childhood home when they discovered the little girl's body. After the initial medical examination, Karner was informed that the city would not take responsibility for the child and that the child's reburial would be up to her.

The home where workers discovered the mystery child's body.KTVU

Buried Innocence

The small child was carefully buried in a white lace dress, with a delicate red rose and a spray of lavender, which had been woven into her blond hair.

It was clear that she came from a well-off family, her ornate burial in a white christening dress and ankle-high boots indicated that she came from money.


The Garden of Innocence, a charity that helps to bury the bodies of unidentified children, stepped up to arrange a reburial for the little girl - temporarily named Miranda Eve.

Associated Press

Even after she had been buried a second time, the people at Garden of Innocence refused to give up on the search for her identity. One year later, they got the break they needed

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