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18 Pets Who Are So Over The Vet It's Ridiculous

Taking pets to the vet can be a bit of a hassle.

Getting them in their carriers and out to the car in under 4 hours is a miracle.

But as much as you don't want to take them to the vet, the animals feel the same way about going. If anything, they hate it even more than you do.

Take a look at these pets being so over the vet. Honestly, it's pretty much how I feel about Mondays.


2. "I promise I will not let ANYONE put that cone of shame on you."

3. "Nope, I work here now. Says my appointment was cancelled. Weird, huh?"

4. "This is all a dream. I gotta wake myself up."

5. "Maybe if I stare at the door long enough it will open and I can escape."

6. "I don't care if it's the trash, at least it's not that cold metal table."

7. "If I lie very flat and very still, maybe I'll blend in."

8. "You think this is funny, Susan? It won't be funny when I pee on the carpet at 2am."

9. "I can't see you, you can't see me."

10. "Nope, nothing to see here. Just a floof in a sink."

11. "Alright, Kevin. I think by hiding under this chair I'm making it clear we aren't on speaking terms right now."

12. "Think thin, think thin."

13. "Tom Cruise made this Mission Impossible stuff seem a lot easier."

14. "Fine, just don't mess up my up-do."

15. "How could you do this to little old me?"

16. "It's not my fault you woke me up from my nap. Now I'm making up for it."

17. "You'll regret tricking me with those treats in the carrier."

18. "If I'm slippery, you can't catch me."

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