Why Are Women So Fierce At The Olympics? Because It's 2016.

Certain sportscasters and journalists might not know how to handle the pure strength and athleticism demonstrated by the female athletes of the Rio Olympics, but don't worry, the world's got their back. In spite of the obvious sexism and misattribution of skill perpetuated against these fierce female athletes, fans from around the world spoke up on Twitter in defence of their athleticism and in support of their obvious talent.

Their skill shouldn't be surprising because they're female. It should be inspiring because they're highly trained athletes crushing records and smashing stereotypes.

Here are five times newscasters got it right:

When Team USA's Katie Ledecky broke the 400m freestyle swimming record and finished five seconds ahead of everyone else.

Even after being compared to their male counterparts and girls at the mall, American Women's Gymnasts take home the gold. They've more than earned it.

When Egyptian women's beach volleyball team brought the heat and busted stereotypes in their first Olympic appearance

When "Iron Lady" Katinka Hosszu from the Ukraine smashes the record for 200m individual medley and wins her third gold medal of the games.

When these Canadian 'superheros' won their first-ever Olympics bronze medal in women's rugby

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