#PhelpsFace is Taking Over the World

At the London 2012 Olympics, McKayla Maroney became known not only for her amazing gymnastic talent, but also for her "unimpressed face" after winning a silver medal. She was caught on the podium looking less than thrilled after narrowly missing out on Olympic Gold. You may remember it...

Even President Obama got in on the action.

But this time around, there's a new face that's making headlines. Or...I guess he's an old face, just with a new expression.

This is #PhelpsFace.

Olympic Champion Michael Phelps was caught with his game face on before the men's 200m semi-finals and people thought it was hilarious. A lot of people believe he was making the face in reaction to opponent Chad le Clos, but honestly it just looks like he's trying to pump himself up. Of course, once Twitter got wind of #PhelpsFace, they did what they always do...made it a meme. There's a couple variations depending on when you decided to snap your pic, but check out some of the funniest posts about #PhelpsFace.

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