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Viral Photo Of Mother's Heroin Overdose Saves Her Life

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NBC News

There's embarrassment and then there's utter shame. For Erika Hurt, a 26-year-old with a young son, a photo of her sprawled in the driver's seat of her car overdosed on heroin was not the image of herself she wanted to portray to the world.

Some would ball up in shame and abuse themselves further after a photo like this would go viral, but Hurt wasn't going to let that photo define the rest of her life. In fact, that photo posted by the Town of Hope Police Department in 2016 saved her life.

"Erika Hurt sits with her baby in the back seat of the car in Hope, Indiana. Police said she appeared unresponsive from an overdose and had a syringe in her hand."Town of Hope Police Department via AP

The town's police department said they never meant to embarrass or shame Hurt, they only wanted to draw attention to America's opioid epidemic. The county of Bartholomew reported that the number of fatal drug overdoses had skyrocketed year after year.

Hope Town Marshal Matt Tallent, who posted the photo, said in a statement that he's glad the photo helped Hurt to better her life.

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