Photographer Makes His Cats These Snazzy Hats - From Their Own Hair

Do your cats shed like crazy? Do you also worry that their little noggins are cold? If so, Japanese photographer Ryo Yamazaki has the solution for you.

He's made his three cats their own hats. Not only are these gifts functional, they're also very personal for each cat, because Yamazaki makes them out of their loose hair. While this project started off simply (well, as simply as making a hat from cat hair can be) Yamazaki has branched out to some pretty complex designs.

Even if the idea of a cat hair hat grosses you out, you have to admire the artistry it took to make some of these designs.

This is what the cat hair looks like before Yamazaki begins to shape it. His first few creations were pretty basic:

And you can tell that his cats just love to model his designs.

But pretty soon, his designs got more intricate.

Yamazaki is really in his prime now, and he can even combine the different cat hair for some very artistic styles.

He's even had his creations featured on a Japanese news program.

And Yamazaki even does celebrity impressions too. Does this guy look familiar?

Are these weird hair hats pointless? Maybe. The cats shed the hair after all, so they probably weren't expecting to get it back, but Yamazaki clearly has fun making these for his pets. I wonder if he can use dog hair too? He could probably make some nice sweaters for them.

If you want to see more of Yamazaki's work, he shares more photos like this on his Instagram account.

Share these hats with a cat lover to give them some inspiration!

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