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Photographer Says He's "Penniless" After Losing Legal Case To A Monkey

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In 2011, British photographer David Slater took a trip to Sulawesi, Indonesia with an important goal. He was planning to shoot the endangered black macaque monkeys. There are only a few thousand of these animals left on Sulawesi, because the locals consider them a delicacy.

Slater wanted to capture photos of these rare creatures before it was too late, and he had a plan to capture the perfect shot. Instead of waiting in the trees, Slater would set a camera on a tripod with the a remote control, so curious monkeys could snap a "selfie" using it.

The plan worked like a charm, and a sneaky female macaque snapped some shots of herself. The photos became a hit, so it's no surprise they found their way onto the website Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia.

Slate tried to get his photo taken off the site - since it was his copyright and his property - but the site's users claimed it wasn't his photo after all, but the monkey's. It turns out a photograph's creator has all the legal rights to that photo, and since the monkey pushed the button she was its creator!

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