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Shelter Dogs Get To Be Supermodels for a Day

Tammy Swarek is a photographer from Arkansas who loves her dog and often dresses him up. She wanted to share the joy of owning a dog with others, while also helping out her local shelter. She contacted the United County Animal Protection Society and asked if they would be interested in the dog photo shoot she had planned and they happily agreed. The dogs were treated like super models, with carefully chosen outfits from flower crowns and gowns to snappy suits and ties. The dogs were pampered with lots of love and affection while posing on the professional looking sets.

Tammy is not the first to complete a photography project with dogs who may not have the best reputations. Last year, Sophie Gammond, a photographer based in New York began publishing photos of pitbulls in flower crowns on her Instagram in an attempt to soften their reputation. Pitbulls have long been deemed the "rough and tough" dog with many places having bans on them, making them seem like some kind of criminal. But when you see the pictures of the sweet dogs in elaborate headdresses, it becomes clear that maybe they shouldn't be judged as a group.

Shelters tend to get over run with dogs who are just needing to be loved. If you are currently thinking about bringing a dog into your home, look up your local shelter and start your search there. If you want to support the shelter where the photos were taken, it was the Union County Animal Protection Society in Arkansas. The photos have already helped several of the dogs get adopted, including one dog named Excalibur who had been abused. After her recovery and her glamorous photographs were released a loving family with a young girl adopted her and now she will have a great life. Hopefully this trend continues to spread across shelters all over, with photographers lending their time to help their communities and the pets who live there.

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