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21 Pictures Only Canadians Will Understand

Us Canadians are truly something special. Sure, we share a lot of similarities with people from other countries, but there are something things that are just so strictly Canadian, you can't help but laugh.

For example: POUTINE. 'Nuff said.

We found some of the best pictures that truly depict what it's like to be Canadian. Take a look and see if you agree with them!

1. Obviously they wanted to ask your permission first

2. I bet you he knocked first.

3. Probably maple flavoured, to be honest.

3. That's legit, bud.

4. Anything under 20cm is nothing.

5. But what about the wind chill?

6. Ever dug out a car and then realized it wasn't even yours? Me too.

7. Perfect time to practice my flying skills.


9. I believe Canada exists!

10. Politeness at its finest.

11. This is not untrue.

12. Making friends is our best quality.

13. This should be the official map.

14. It's a unique language.

15. Who hasn't had this happen, really?

16.  She is stunning, how dare you.

17. It happens and it's a real crime.

18. Anyone else coming orrr...?

19. Smoothing the icy roads, one Zamboni at a time.

20. Quite possibly the worst thing to happen...sorry.

21. Why do you abandon us!?

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