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Piles of Puppies Put Smiles On Sick Kids Faces At Ronald McDonald House

Piles of Puppies is a wonderful charity in Portland, Oregon pairs up with responsible breeders to bring puppies to the sick children at the local Ronald McDonald House.

Founder,  Jen Trepanier, was once one of those kids. At just 12 years old, he was diagnosed with dermatomyositis, a disease that caused her immune system to attack her muscles.

"Really Pile of Puppies is about bringing joy," Trepanier told local news, KOIN6. "We surround children who are chronically or terminally ill with piles of puppies."

"I went into this for the children, but I came out of it for the mothers," Trepanier said. "Usually they're the last one to let go of the puppies."

For qualified families, the visits are free and they work wonders on the children. Watch the video below to see the good work this charity does. Clearly these adorable Newfoundland pups are just what the doctor ordered for these two young boys.

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