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Pink Literally Balances Work And Kids During An Intense Dance Rehearsal

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Pink really is a rock star, both on stage and at home. When she's not on stage winning awards, or performing her signature hits on the side of a building, she is being the parent that we all hope to be.

When it comes to juggling work and kids, Pink has it all figured out!

She tries to include her six-year-old daughter, Willow Sage and one-year-old son, Jameson Moon in all aspects of her life.

Pink brought along her mother, husband and their daughter to the 2018 Grammy Awards and it was clear that the young girl was having a great time.

"It's a family affair," she told Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet.

For the event, both Pink and her daughter wore feathery dresses that really showed off the pop star's spunk.

Even after losing to Ed Sheeran for the Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance, she took the time to earn herself some major mom points with her six-year-old.

Her husband Carey Hart took to Instagram to share the special moment.

"I thought for sure mama @pink had the Grammy in the bag tonight, but it didn’t happen. But, she made the night VERY memorable for Willz!!! Willz has been a fan of @badgalriri for a long time, and mama got an intro for her. Major mom points tonight," he wrote.

She further goes to show that her kids are the most important part of her life, even when it comes to winning awards. Her take-away is always her family.

"We f*cking did that! Willow met her idol tonight @badgalriri ... her fav performances were Kendrick, me, and Gaga. My mom had fun and looked so fancy I can’t even stand it. My husband looked amazing and made me a flask of old fashioned. I wore a custom Armani feather dress cause I’m FUN. I sang my fucking heart out for the cause, a song i wrote for the suffragette movement, barefoot in a white T-shirt and jeans... I lost my 19th Grammy nomination, I consoled another talented loser, whom I love, and I kept my feet on the ground (cause spectators like to dare me to.) y’all I’m so proud of myself I’m gonna buy myself a drink tonight. Perseverance. Perspective, gratitude," she wrote.

But what Pink did before the show really has parents applauding.

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