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18 Pinterest Food Fails You'll Relate To If You've Ever Tried To Be Even A Little Creative

Regular food can sometimes be boring. Tasty, sure. But every once in a while you want to be a little fancier in the kitchen, right?

So did these people. But unfortunately for them, they didn't seem to grasp the concept of patience or following instructions. Every one of these creative disasters could have been avoided I'm sure. I'm nowhere near a professional cook but I do know the basics, such as ICING MELTS IF IT'S PUT ON SOMETHING HOT! Also, fondant and icing are separate things.

Take a stroll through this compilation of some of the worst Pinterest Food Fails we could find.

1.  These Hot Dog Corn Muffins that someone CLEARLY didn't  cut properly

2. These Sheep Cupcakes that you probably shouldn't count before you sleep.

3. This Mug Mac-N-Cheese that looks more like PVA glue, honestly.

4. These Peanut Butter Cup Cookies that probably needed more time in the oven (or the trash)

5. These Mozzarella Bites where someone forgot that cheese melts quickly.

6. These Stained-Glass Cookies where it's obvious no one even tried.

7. These Candy Corn Cookies that look like a massacre.

8. These S'Mores Cookies that are making you rethink that campfire.

9. This train cake that has been severely derailed.

10. These Mountain Dew Penguin Cupcakes that sound pretty nasty, anyway.

11. These Rubber Ducky Cupcakes remind us that icing does, in fact, melt when it hits heat.

12. The Rainbow Cake Roll that proves there is no pot of gold at the end of it.

13. This Sour Patch Kids cake that should not have even been attempted.

14. These homemade Girl Guide Cookies that make us wonder why you didn't shell out the cash for the real thing

15. These Rainbows Cupcakes that look like a leprechaun puked.

16. These Turkey Cookies which are nothing to be thankful for.

17. These Chocolate Covered Strawberries that are romantic for no one.

18. And this Tinkerbell Pancake, which has officially ruined Disney for all of us.

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