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Pit Bull Survives Horrible Abuse, Looses Half His Face

When Brittany Faske arrived at a construction ladnfill in Houston, Texas, she didn't know what to expect.

Earlier that day, the young volunteer for ADORE (All Dogs Official Rescue Enterprise of Houston) took a call about a deformed dog hiding n the bushes.

But, what she saw was a horrible sight. Her first thoughts were that perhaps she could help to end his suffering.

The poor boy's snout had been sliced off and what was left hung limply from his face.  When she approached the emaciated dog, he growled, but that would not deter Faske.

She expected a growl, after all, what happened to him could only have been done by a human hand. The traumatized animal still wore a collar.

"The cut was so clean and even, it could have only happened with a sharp instrument," Faske told The Dodo. "It was as if someone had literally taken a knife and cut off the front of his face."

He was too weak to run, so she patiently waited until the dog allowed her to approach. She eventually was able to slide a leash on him and carry the limp pup to her car.

Apollo slept for the whole ride to the vet, completely trusting Faske to help him. Although everyone at the clinic was a little apprehensive of him, he soon won them over with his gentle spirit.

He gingerly trotted around the waiting area, sniffing people and interacting  civilly with other dogs. After the vet ran some tests, it was determined that he also suffered from heartworm.

The hungry pup scarfed down two bowls of food and guzzled water, then, laid his head on Faske's leg. "From that moment on, we knew he wasn't just another dog," she says.

The brave dog sailed through his surgeries with flying colors and quickly earned the hearts of his everyone he met - including Faske's two, senior dogs.

There was no question, she may have found Apollo, but it was he who found his way into her heart. She adopted the pup straightaway. Now, he is happy and carefree.

His surgery successfully reconstructed nose and jaw permit him to breathe, sniff, sneeze and eat like every other dog.

Every Saturday, Apollo waits patiently by the door. That's the day he goes for training at Total Control K9 College - generously donated classes for his rehabilitation, but we suspect he thinks it's just a bunch of fun!

Now this sweet soul is a representative for ADORE - the official mascot for animal cruelty awareness!

"Apollo truly is a blessing. Without ADORE Houston and the support of the community, Apollo would not be where he is today." Faske says, "it took a village to help with his recovery and I am so thankful to everyone that has contributed."

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