Police Called Over Explosive Jon and Kate Custody Dispute

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Watching The Gosselins fall apart is pretty heartbreaking. We all remember watching them start out on TLC as a one-off special about having 8 kids under the age of 3, but it soon turned into a weekly adventure on the kids and their antics.

Of course, as the show drew on, it became clear that Jon and Kate had their issues. Whether it was his passiveness or her need to be in control, it started to be too much to listen to their bickering.

The kids were growing up before our eyes, and it was clear the show needed to come to an end. Jon and Kate got divorced, with Kate seemingly getting primary custody. She got her own show called Kate Plus 8 and somehow the family managed to stay in the headlines despite their constant wishes to stay away from it all.

Since their split, reports have surfaced of Jon becoming a stripper to pay bills, Kate patting down her kids every day to check for cellphones, and Kate sending one of their kids away to a "behavioral school" without telling Jon where his son is.

It's been a rough road for the parents, but nothing has been as messy as this past week when the police were called to settle an explosive argument surrounding the kids.

So what happened?

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