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Police Officer Takes A Missing "Elf On The Shelf" On Adorable Adventures

If you have a small child, or know anyone who does, you probably know about the Elf on the Shelf, the jolly little spy who sits on your mantle and tells Santa whether your children are naughty or nice.

Since launching in 2005 this toy has become a real Christmas phenomenon, and a multi-billion dollar business, but for children who grew up with the elf watching over them what's really valuable are the memories they share with it.

That's why when Lorraine Villahermosa lost her eight-year-old son Jovani's doll, she knew she would have to make it up to him somehow.

It all started when Villahermosa misplaced her purse while on a shopping trip. Her son's elf (who they've named Freddie), was inside, and she was worried Jovani would be upset if the elf missed his daily appearance.

Freddie had been visiting Jovani every Christmas since the boy was three years old, but this year he was getting bored with the elf's antics, so his mom was determined to make them more exciting.

The Prince William County Police Department found her purse quickly, but it was stuck in their evidence locker for a few days. While she waited to get it back, Villahermosa begged them to help her keep the Christmas tradition alive.

Sergeant Jonathan Perock went above and beyond the call of duty, buying his own elf and organizing a hilarious photo shoot with the doll.  

Perock says the pictures only took "probably five minutes of my time," but Villahermosa and her son were extremely grateful.

"Sergeant Perok and Officer Midthun were willing to help us out," she wrote on her Facebook page, "and make a boy who was very sad about his elf not showing up yesterday morning, now a very happy boy thinking his Elf is on a special mission to help find mom's purse!"

Perock even made Freddie an honorary detective, with his own badge and business card.

Villahermosa was blown away by the officer's kindness, especially because she only has a few more years to really enjoy this Christmas tradition with her son.

"I only have so much longer until my son stops believing in Santa," she told Inside Edition. "It's my heart's desire that this kid has the best Christmas ever, and this is going to be a Christmas he's going to remember with this elf."

Thankfully, all the extra work everyone put into this Christmas surprise paid off. Just watch Jovani's expression as he reads about Freddie's adventure with the police:

It'll be hard for other elves to top Freddie's Christmas adventure!

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