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Police Officers Step Into Big Shoes For Heartbroken Bride During Father-Daughter Dance

"May I cut in."

Those were the words that would move Kristen Mundell to tears on her wedding day.

Six years earlier, her father, Deputy Kent Mundell was shot and killed in the line of duty. His loss is still deeply felt among members of the force and his family.

When it was time for Kristen's special day, she made sure to include her father in every way possible.

A chair was set with his photo, uniform and flowers. Her wedding dress was laced with a blue ribbon in tribute to her fallen father.

But the truly exceptional moment of her wedding came during the reception. As Kirsten began the father-daughter dance with Det. Jones, someone asked her those special words: "May I cut in."

It wasn't until she realized that a line of officers had formed, ready to step in for a fallen friend and father, that the tears fell.

Watch this beautiful moment below!

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