Police See This Guy Walking Alone At 11pm, His Explanation Inspires Them

In Northern California, there's a stretch of road called Industrial Way. Much like the name suggests, there is not a lot of foot traffic on this road.

That's why Cpl. Kirk Keffer was so shocked to see 18 year old Jourdan Duncan walked along Industrial Way by himself at 11pm on a Saturday. Officer Keffer stopped his car, got out, and approached the teen, asking what he was doing out here so late.

Duncan says he was startled initially when the officer approached him. "I was absolutely nervous. I thought, okay, um, did I do anything wrong? Is he going to put me in cuffs? I didn't do anything bad."

The officer just wanted to know why Duncan was walking alone at night. Duncan told the officer he had graduated high school a year ago and was just trying to save up money for college. He had started a new job but it was 7 miles from his home. When he took the job, he had a car. But it broke down a little while ago. Duncan said he felt bad asking for rides because he didn't want to burden others. The walk is two hours each way, but Duncan says it's not a problem for him.

The officer gave Jourdan Duncan a ride home that night, but felt like he couldn't just leave it at that. Officer Keffer contacted the police board to ask if they could buy this young man a bicycle. It was a resounding yes. Keffer, and other officers at his station, picked out a $500 bicycle for Jourdan and surprised him at work.

"We would like to acknowledge your hard work and dedication for what you do and setting the example for kids your age," Keffer told him. "Hopefully this'll make your trip easier."

Duncan's commute is now cut down by an hour. The young man is interested in becoming a police officer, so Keffer has offered to take him on a ride-along so he can learn more about it.

"It's something I've been interested in since high school. A lot of my family members, they're in law enforcement," Duncan said. "It's like, what they do and, due to a lot of people thinking that there are bad cops out there, I want to prove that all cops aren't bad — which is true, due to what just happened to me."

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