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Pound Dog Makes Mysterious Journey To Reunite With Woman Who He Loves

Ted the dog arrived at the Northwest Territories SPCA in Yellowknife, Canada late last week. He was scared, uncertain and refused to let anyone come near him. Little did he know, he would meet the woman of his dreams one day later.

When kennel worker, Abbey Boyd met Ted the two-year-old German Shepherd-Akita mix, he was pretty terrified. He refused to be walked until she did something that probably sealed their fate forever.

"I fed him cheese-flavoured bacon strips to try to get him to love me," Abbey told the CBC.

Apparently, that's all it took for Ted. From that moment on, his heart was set on Abbey.

The two spent no more time together apart from those few moments and some cheese-flavored bacon strips. Abbey recalled asking the maintenance man to build a bigger kennel for Ted, then left.

The next morning, after working her 3 a.m. shift at the airport, Abbey returned home to a surprising sight.

There, on her deck was a dog. He stood and barked at her as she walked up the driveway and past him. He ran down the deck stairs, but stayed on her property, waiting for her.

She was able to lure the dog into her home and suddenly recognized a small, familiar scratch on his nose. It was Ted!

Amazingly, somehow Ted had escaped from his enclosure at the SPCA about 3 miles away, crossed the Yellowknife airport, some ponds, lakes and several suburban neighborhoods before found Abbey's home. No one is exactly sure what route he took, but he followed his heart and his nose to Abbey.

His Akita/Shepherd origins make him an expert tracker and endurance runner. Akitas are one-person dogs, so when they bond with someone they've really imprinted on that person.

Abbey can't believe how Ted was able to find her after just one meeting, but she's taking it as sign. Ted chose her and she can't argue with that kind of fate.

For the time being, the pup will stay at the SPCA until Abbey completes the adoption process and moves into a pet-friendly house.

"[I'm going to] build my bond with him that apparently, he senses more than I do." She tells the CBC, [He's] literally sitting on a platter ready to be loved and taken care of."

"He's coming with me."

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