Prank Caller's Perfect Imitation Of A Little Kid Fools Everyone

People say that we all have an "inner child," and Tim Bradbury is living proof of that.

In his hilarious YouTube videos he uses his alter ego "Tiny Tim," a schoolboy who's "3 turning 6" to play harmless pranks over the phone.

Tim has called Toys R Us and McDonald's to complain, but his funniest video is probably this failed attempt to call in sick to a local school.

Even Tim can't keep a straight face when he hears how flustered the office staff are.

You would think employees at a school would be prepared for a call like this but they're completely baffled.

Tim also tried to buy a Lamborghini, but he ran into trouble when the salesman wouldn't let him pay with his weekly allowance.

He really does sound just like a little kid, but hopefully we wouldn't fall for this trick as easily as Tim's victims do.

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