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These Are Cakes, Yes, Cakes, And They're Almost Too Pretty To Eat - Almost

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Like so many great artists, Susanne Ng's talent was discovered completely by accident. A few years ago she wanted to make a cake for one of her son's play-dates, but she was amazed to discover how much sugar is in a regular butter cake recipe.

Her solution was to make a chiffon cake, a light and fluffy treat that's similar to Angel's Food cake. After a few experiments, she found she had a passion and talent for baking, and since then she's used to to make some absolutely stunning cakes.

Today, Ng runs the Loving Creations bakery in Singapore, and she's written 3 books on baking.

Her stunning cakes, which are often inspired by cartoon characters, are handmade. Each one takes as long as a whole day to bake, because every part is individually baked, cooled and assembled.

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