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Prepare Your Cats For Battle With This 3D Printed Cat Armor

Cats are not always known as the most social creatures. I would say most are just fine with the occasional petting, but there are some who like to keep their distance. Well, lucky for them, you can now make 3D Printed Cat Armor to keep them safe.

Your cat will look like it will be ready to fight off a fierce dragon or fend off the most annoying dog with spikes all the way down their back and tail.

The specs for this are actually available online for free, so if you have a 3D printer and a cat you can make them yourself by downloading it. What can you expect from this impressive gear?

It has spikes all the way down the spine and tail

It's very flexible so your cat can move freely

There is a spot to attach a leash and a ID tag so no one will steal your warrior cat

There is a matching helmet if you want to keep your cat 100% safe

Is this something you need for your cat?

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