Prince Philip's Health Scares Lead To Questions Of What Will Happen When He Dies - Here's What We Know

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Now that Prince Philip has finally seen to his last public engagement as Britain's longest serving consort, the 96-year-old ends 7 decades of life in the public eye.

After announcing his retirement in May, he completed 22,219 solo engagements since the early 1950's.

It rained heavily on his final engagement, but that didn't dampen his spirits.

The royal, who is also Captain General of the Royal Marines, dressed in a coat and bowler hat, and chose the forecourt of Buckingham Palace and a Royal Marines military parade as his final solo act to see him into retirement.

“It makes the Corps exceptional, it builds our Commando spirit and he’s a wonderful figurehead for all Royal Marines to look up to,” said Lt. Col. Gary Green of having the duke as the head of the Corps.

The Royal Navy man who served in the second World War, married Princess Elizabeth in 1947 after renouncing his Greek royal title to become a naturalized British citizen.

While this year they celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary, their lives together haven't always been easy.

Philip still may accompany the Queen at times during his retirement, but the particulars are still unknown.

He has also been among the most active of the royals, with 52 days carrying out public engagements this year alone. That's more than the Queen and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, at 49, 45, and 39 days respectively. His calendar wasn't the most busy of the family, however. His daughter, the Princess Royal, clocked up 111 days so far, and his eldest son, Charles, has 89 days.

His decision to step down from public engagement was not related to his health, but he has had a number for health scares recently, which caused him to miss the Queen's speech a few month's ago.

“I’m sure that he won’t disappear; he will be greatly missed by everybody. He’s been such a stable character in all our lives – he’s always there and he’s always been there for the Queen and I think we’re very, very lucky to have him,” said Lady Myra Butter who has known Philip since childhood.

The aging royal is 96-years-old, and while he may not have the title of King, what would happen were he to pass away?

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