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Prince William and Kate Middleton Ban Electronics From Their Children

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As heirs to the British Monarchy, most people would think that William, Kate, George and Charlotte get whatever their hearts desire. After all, they have wealth, travel endlessly and have a wardrobe that we are all envious of.

The youngest members of the Royal family, George and Charlotte, don't get everything they could possible ever want.

In spite of being in the Royal spotlight, the Dutch and and Duchess of Cambridge try to give their children George and Charlotte as normal of an upbringing as possible.

As can be expected Prince George, who just turned 4, is said to "love anything on wheels" and Princess Charlotte, who's 2 is a fan of Disney princesses. “I don’t think it’s quite dawned on her that she’s a princess herself,” a family friend told US Weekly.

Which means, they are denied something that every kid wants to get their hands on.

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