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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall... Smart Mirror Scans Your Face And Prints Custom Makeup To Hide Imperfections

How would you like to print custom makeup that is perfectly suited to your skin? Panasonic has developed a machine that will analyze your skin in a highly advanced mirror and find the problem areas based on light reflection. The machine then prints out a perfectly portioned film that has a type of concealer that will stick to your skin almost like a temporary tattoo.

The "smart mirror" works in conjunction with the printer to make sure the person gets the exact shade needed to correct any discoloration. Panasonic hopes to one day use this technology to serve a purpose in the medical field to allow for covering of scars.

This isn't the first use of a Smart Mirror. There is also one that acts as an augmented reality to try on clothes and another that will let you try on glasses. The printer is what makes it truly unique, with the ability to make your own makeup just a button away!

Would you use a machine like this to make your own customized makeup? Check out the video below to see how it works!

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