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Proud Parents: Eric Trump And His Wife Lara Welcome Their First Child

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The First Family was already pretty big, but President Trump will definitely have his hands full after the birth of his 9th grandchild.

While he doesn't make as many headlines as his famous dad, Donald Trump's 2nd son and 3rd child Eric is a successful businessman - like father like son! The vice-president of the Trump Organization, Eric has attracted attention for his charitable donations and his love of hunting.

His wife Lara Yunaska is a former personal trainer and producer for Inside Edition, who's famous for her love of animals. The couple earned praise earlier this year when they adopted rescue dog Ben the Beagle and moved him into the White House. They tied the knot in 2014 at Donald Trump's Mar-a-lago resort in Florida.

Earlier this year the couple shared some exciting news on Twitter, revealing they were expecting a baby boy - their first child. Eric reportedly learned the news on the night of his 33rd birthday in January.

While Lara revealed she had a rough first trimester, the mom-to-be was "feeling really good" by the time Eric broke the news in March. Now, the couple have welcomed their son into the world. But the name they picked is raising some eyebrows.

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