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These People Take Pumpkin Carving To The Next Level

Halloween is right around the corner so it's time to start planning that Jack-O-Lantern! If you have ever tried to carve a pumpkin you know it isn't always the easiest craft, but these people make it look like art. I figure if you can start earlier in the season maybe you can get your pumpkin to look something like these before the 31st rolls around! Check out some of these incredibly impressive pumpkins that will have you making a trip to the pumpkin patch ASAP!


Tinkerbell complete with fairy dust

So magical I think it might just catch the eye of the little fairy.


A brainy Jack-O-Lantern

You could also add some red paint to make it a bit more gruesome.

Pumpkins are cannibals

Poor tiny pumpkin.


That's a big smile.

Say cheese!

Some smiles aren't as friendly looking

Looks like the Grinch right before he stole Christmas.


Small pumpkins really have a rough time at Halloween


Those teeth would take so long to carve out so perfectly!

This is ridiculously impressive

You have to plan so much in advance!

Your pumpkins don't always have to be scary, they can just look really, really cool!

Or if you want a scarier pumpkin, why not make your own witch?

Does this remind anyone else of Wallace and Gromit?

Or maybe you want Santa to come visit Halloween?

Or maybe he is just supposed to be one of the guys from ZZ Top. Hard to tell in a pumpkin.


What will your pumpkin look like this Halloween?

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