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Pumpkinferno For Halloween

Have any of you ever wanted to experience Halloween in a perfectly spooky setting? If you live in the area or even want to take a road trip, this is a hauntingly fun night out that's perfect for the whole family. I've talked for a few years about going to check out Pumkinferno and finally made it there this past weekend... and I'm very glad we did. Come and stroll through a hauntingly beautiful and spellbinding outdoor exhibit of close to 7,000 hand-crafted pumpkins, set against a stirring night-time backdrop just inside the gates of historic Upper Canada Village. Marvel at rejuvenated and eclectic displays of scenes from exotic places and historic ages, meet up with forest animals and sea-born creatures, see story book heroes, mythical characters, cultural icons and more .... all carved from pumpkins!

This mesmerizing installation of artist-inspired, glowing pumpkins is a not-to-be-missed event for ALL ages ... and 2016 promises an event rekindled with a number of exciting new exhibits and dramatic tour enhancements!

Pumpkinferno is experienced as a walking tour through a night-time, outdoor exhibit of carved pumpkins. On occasion, the event has seen up to 5000 visitors arriving on one evening alone. Take a look at some of these pictures for a glimpse of what there is to see.

Visitors will discover more than a fantastical display of over thirty spellbinding works of art created by the lighting of thousands of individually carved pumpkins at this year's Pumpkinferno.

Feast your eyes on the larger-than-life Chinese Dragon display, made up of just over 200 pumpkins!

Some tips for your visit:

· For quicker entry we suggest visitors purchase tickets in advance / online and then they can go to the pre-paid ticket line which is a lot more quick!

· Pumpkinferno is very photogenic and you can get some great images even with a smartphone. There is a Share to Win contest where you can share your photographs on Twitter or Instagram with #Pumpkinferno,  for a chance to win two 2017 Premium Passports to the Past. Details are online.

The carved pumpkins are realistic, artificial pumpkins (how fast would real ones go bad), whose forms have been shaped from molds of real pumpkins. The pumpkins have been designed and carved by a talented group of young artists from the Eastern Ontario region. These designers and carvers were selected based on their penchant for design, whether in his/her field of study or as a personal hobby. They embarked in May of 2012 on this monumental project, designing, carving, and constructing the amazing array of pumpkin-carved installations you will discover on your tour. Each spring through summer, a group of new and returning designer/carvers create all that you will see that is new and vibrant, added to our collection of amazing exhibits at Pumpkinferno!

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