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Puppy Is Reunited With The Firefighter Who Saved Her From Abuse

To be able to rescue an animal from an abusive situation is truly wonderful. This sweet little puppy was found tied up in the rain by a local firefighter. He brought her to a local shelter where she was given some love and attention.

She needed to get cleaned up a bit before she could find a new home. The day after firefighter Thawley dropped her off, he returned to see how she was doing. Her reaction was too adorable. Her little face lights up when she sees him, wagging her tail furiously until he finally gets close enough.

You can see the rough shape she is in, but its amazing that Thawley was able to save her so she won't have to go through anymore struggles. He even was going to see if he could foster her himself!

It's great to see some heroes out there taking care of the animals who need it! It's also lovely that these animals are able to show their excitement and gratitude! Check out the sweet video below!

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