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Puppy Thrown From Car Was About To Be Euthanized, But This Officer Had A Better Plan

When little Jack the tiny Pitbull mix was brought into this Albany police station, he was scared and shaking with a severely broken leg. The two women who brought the pup in kept him calm while desk patrolman, Jon-David Hill tried to make arrangements with animal control.

"They told me they couldn't do anything for him and would have to put him down," Hill told the timesunion. Rather than surrendering him to that sad fate, the police officer took the little pup to a 24-hour veterinary clinic in Lantham, Albany County, in New York.

The clinic assured him that his new little buddy would be comfortable with them over night and that they would be operating in the morning. But, after looking more closely at the pup's leg, the vet determined that the injury was an old one that would require amputation.

So Hill gave them the go-ahead, and the pup's damaged leg was amputated. Two weeks later, the little guy has settled into his new home with Hill. He romps around happily on three legs, plays ball and mixes well with other dogs.

"I think he was abused for a long time," said Hill. "He's afraid of most people. But once he gets to know you, he's all over you. He's lovable, so friendly."

The amputation cost about $4,000, so a gofundme account was started to help with his medical bills. They've surpassed their goal  - $4,389 were donated to the pup's healthcare!

Although there are no leads on who threw Jack from the car, this sweet pup's second chance couldn't have been with a better person. When asked if he minded having a dog with three legs, Hill said that he "doesn't care how many legs the dog has, I just want to give him a chance. He deserves it."

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