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Put balls of tin foil into your slow cooker for the best chicken you've ever had

You've often heard people say "oh just throw it in the slow cooker" but we're taking that idea to the next level. Sure slowcookers are great, but you can't get a nice crispy coating out of a slowcooked chicken....or can you? While almost everything can be thrown together for a great meal, this one easy trick is the secret key to delicious slowcooked rotisserie chicken.

First off, here's what you're going to need:



  • 1 whole roasting chicken
  • olive oil flavored cooking spray
  • seasoning salt, to taste
  • Tin Foil

And here's what you're going to do:


  1. Make 4 or 5 loose balls of aluminum foil and place in bottom of crock pot.
  2. Clean chicken inside and out. Spray with olive oil spray.
  3. Sprinkle generously inside and out with seasoned salt.
  4. Put chicken back-side down in crock pot (on top of foil balls).
  5. Cook on high 4-6 hours.

The tin foil balls will keep the chicken resting above the slowcooker, keeping the skin crispy. If it was to touch the bottom it would sit in its own juiced, making the skin soggy on the bottom. The tin foil balls help recreate the taste and texture of delicious rotisserie chicken.


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