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Pyrex vs Corningware vs Corelle, Which One Did You Have?

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In the '70s Corningware,Pyrex and Corelle were three of the most popular household brands.

Not only are they durable and easy to clean, but they are also colorful with unique designs. We all had a collection of one, or maybe both, but which ones do you swear by?

Take a look at some of classic designs and tell us which ones you had in your cupboards!


Pyrex was the dish set that got it all started. Created by the CorningGlass Company in 1915 it was one of the first, non-metal, dishes that could be used in an oven.

Pyrex first started as glassware used in industry. They needed to make glass that could withstand the heat differences that happen to lanterns during winter.


Ever heard the phrase "behind every great man stands a great woman"? Well this is true again for the invention of Pyrex. In 1913 Bessie Littleton asked her husband, a scientist that worked at Corning, to bring home some of the special industrial glass he had invented. He sawed off the bottom of some jars used for batteries and she used them for casserole dishes. The rest is history.

Pyrex sold millions of dishes over the decades so the chances are you remember some of these:

I know my Grandma had this butter dish:

Any of these look familiar?

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