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"Quick, Draw!" Is A New Super Addictive Game You Have To Try

How smart do you think computers are? Do you think they understand art? A new game that is made in partnership with google is trying to teach a "neural network" how to recognize images and it is ridiculously addictive.

Because that's what we need, really intelligent computers that can predict our plans. At least this game is incredibly fun!

The game gets you to draw a small little doodle of something like snakes or a car and while you draw it tries to guess. It is apparently learning as people draw to help it guess more accurately.

You can see along the bottom that it guesses as soon as you start drawing and and if it doesn't guess within twenty seconds it moves onto the next doodle.

People are sharing their results and it is pretty funny to see how people draw things. Who ever drew that hedgehog above, good job. Sometimes, the results are perhaps not the best to share, especially on live TV. This news anchor was learning how play when she had an unfortunate incident trying to draw a cannon.

Check out the game for yourself here! It's scientifically proven that drawing is good for you, so you may as well help the computers learn while you do it!

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