Rare Pokemon Appears in Taiwan, Causes Mass Chaos

Pokemon Go has undoubtedly taken over the world. People have quit their jobs just to try and catch 'em all. That's a true story. It's also bringing people together, though. Stories have surfaced of businesses being saved, people getting dates, and families coming together to play the game. For the most part, it's pretty civil and non-havoc wreaking.

But what happens when a rare Pokemon appears? Well, all bets are off. One of the most sought after Pokemon in this game is a Snorlax.

So when one appears, it's a free for all to capture it. And that's exactly what happened in Taiwan.

A Snorlax popped up and everyone dropped what they were doing to go get it. Check out the video. Traffic comes to a complete halt. The city just halts for this Pokemon. It's actually mesmerizing to see.

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