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19 Animals That Have Mastered The Art Of Photo-Bombing

You thought you were going to get a lovely scenic picture, but these animals were ready for their closeups so you will just have to wait. These goofy animals are the stars and they know it!

To be fair, how thrilled would you be if you were looking through your vacation pictures to find any of these ridiculous animals in there? These animals know that they are the real reason you are pulling out that camera, and they aren't afraid to let that be known.


1. "This background really makes my colors pop." - Fish

2. "Mom, someone's looking at us..." - Chick

3. "I'm one of the girls too! Don't forget me!"

4. "What do you really want, another picture of that kid of yours, or this amazing kangaroo..." - This kangaroo

5. "If dogs are really man's best friend, why wasn't I invited to the pose?" - Dog

6. "Just because my feathers aren't the same color doesn't mean that I can't be the star of this picture." - Penguin

7. "I understand that you wanted a picture of the city, I just don't care." - This pigeon

8. "Please get out of my house, I don't want to deal with you anymore." - This turtle

9. "Does this look cute?" - Kangaroo

10. "Excuse me, can I just scoot by?" - Pigeon

11. "This is a good look for you!" - Frog

12. "Make sure you get my good side..." - Dog

13. "Just wait I need to sneeze!" - Llama

14. "Oh hey there, can I help you with something?" - Fish

15. "Is everyone making a funny face? No? Too late!" - Giraffe

16. "Excuse me, but are you new here? I have never seen you before..."

17. "You used to call me your baby... What happened to us!" - Dog

18. "This is what you get for not asking me to be best man..." - Cat

19. "I swear it wasn't my fault." - Cow

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