6 Reasons You Know You Have The Coolest Mom

Moms are the reason we're all here. Not only on the Earth, but also where we are in life. They've molded us into who we are today.

And while we all have had our arguments and our tantrums, there's no denying we love our moms more than anything.

From diapers to death, moms are with us side by side. They don't complain, they don't leave us behind.

So here are just some of the many reasons we love our moms!

1. Even though you're BFFs, she's always been a mom first.

Sure, there are times when you and your mom are tighter than pants on Madonna, but she always knows when she needs to be the voice of reason. And yes, sometimes it can be annoying but you always know your mom is right.

2. Your mom will always listen, no matter what you're talking about.

She may not be overly invested, but she'll listen. Moms are great for that. No matter what little mundane story you have to tell they will always let you get it out. And while they may not offer an overly-responsive emotion, at least you'll have vented.

3. Your inside jokes are the best.

Mom jokes are the best jokes. And often times they aren't even supposed to be. Even just the mispronunciation of a word can send you into fits of laughter. But it's even better when it's a long running joke between the two of you. One of you just has to say "banana peppers" and it's game over.

4. She is your buffer at family gatherings

Doesn't matter how old you are, your mom is your safety blanket at awkward family gatherings. She can talk anyone's ear off and save you if you've been trapped by Crazy Aunt Betty. You can also give her the look and she knows it's time to skiddaddle right outta there.

5. All your friends love her

When your friends ever came over, they would spend more time with her than you. She was quick to give advice, share a story, and just be all around awesome. You didn't mind sharing, though. That just meant it was more likely you could have sleepovers every week.

6. She's your world.

Every misstep, every celebration, every anything. Your mom is the one you need to tell. There is never a day you don't think about her and want to be even half as good a mom as she is. Your mom is everything to you and you wouldn't have it any other way.

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