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After Her Tragic Death, All He Wanted Was To Hear Her Sing

What was supposed to be the most joyful day of their lives, became the most tragic day of his.

Jared Buhanan-Decker lost the love of his life the day that his son was born on June 16, 2016. Although Little James Francis (JJ) Buhanan-Decker will never know his mother, Sharry, she lives on in the music and notes of love she left behind.

It was a rough start for the boy and his father. "In the almost 10 years we were married, we spent like six nights apart," Jared said in an interview with Zoomin.TV USA. "And the day that was supposed to be the happiest days of our lives ended up being the worst day of my life."

While sorting through the digital memories that his wife had left behind, Jared stumbled upon several lullabies and songs that were in an electronic file format he could not access.

Frustrated, he turned to Reddit for help. He wrote:

"Odd request for help. My wife recently died during the childbirth of our first baby, needless to say life has been hell the last two months."

He explains that the format was one he didn't know how to open, and was hoping that someone out there could help him.

"She knew how to do all of this stuff but I have no idea. I just want to be able to hear her voice again. Thank you."

So many good people came forward with offers of condolence and help. Several Redditors stepped up to the task of cleaning up and even remixing the files.

After hearing about their story, people have also helped raise more than $44,000 for the father and his son on a GoFundMe page.

Earlier this month, Jared posted about little JJ's progress. It's been a rocky road, as the little boy was born premature, but he's meeting his milestones and passing checkups with flying colors!

"Four months ago I was being told that JJ might never walk, be blind, have severe learning disabilities or a host of other "worst cases" but now many of the specialists say they never need to see him again. He is an amazing little guy," Jared writes.

This father and son certainly have a beautiful angel watching over them. Rest In Peace, Sharry.

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