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Refugee Helps Bride In Crisis On Her Wedding Day

Photographer Lindsay Coulter spends her weekends taking pictures of strangers on the happiest days of their lives, their wedding.

But for one Canadian bride, her happy day turned in to a bit of a nightmare. Her zipper on her gown broke. Everyone in the wedding party tried to help, but they were running out of time. They ran to the neighbor's house to see if they had pliers to help with the zipper. But the neighbors offered something much more valuable.

Turns out, they had just taken in a family of Syrian refugees and the father was a master tailor and would be happy to help. Coulter took to Facebook to tell the whole story.

"I am so proud to live in Canada, a country who has opened our doors to refugees countless times. I'm in awe of the families who have welcomed these strangers in to their homes and lives, and I'm inspired by the resilience of the Syrian people. We are truly blessed," penned Coulter.

It's a great example of people coming together, regardless of race or religion, to help someone who needs it.

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