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Remember Jell-O Salads? We Do.

The 60s were an interesting time. They gave us a ton of interesting inventions, social topics, and clothing styles.

But by far the most interesting thing the 60s produced was the Jell-O Salad.

Yes that's right. Jell-O. Salad.

In 1964, Jell-O came out with a vegetable-flavored line of their famous treat in an attempt to make healthier eating a little more fun. You could buy a box of the gelatin mix at a grocery store, and then make an incredibly effortless crowd pleaser. The Jell-O mix came in both celery and mixed vegetable flavors.

The product has since been discontinued, but it's safe to say that people still use this concept with fruit, and even veggies depending on who you're dealing with.

Take a loot at some of these ads for the savory sensation!

Tell us, do you remember having Jell-O salads? Let us know in the comments!

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