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Remember Sophia Grace? She Is Back With A Brand New Song!

Internet sensation Sophia Grace is back and it's crazy how grown up she is! The former-tutu wearing singer first went viral after she and her cousin released a video of them singing Super Bass by Nicki Minaj back in 2011. Then, then were invited to the Ellen show where they got to sing on TV and meet their idol.

They were so tiny and hilarious that they stole the world's hearts .


They would pop back to visit Ellen whenever they could and now hes is back with a new song. It is amazing how far she has come since the first time she appeared on the show as the excited little goofballs. Sophia Grace was eight years old the first time she came to the show, and Rosie was 5 and they both fit into one chair.

Sophia Grace has been continuing her music career getting better and better with each song she releases. Her latest song is called Hollywood and while it's weird to see her without Rosie, it's really awesome to see Sophia going after her dreams!

What do you think of her new song? Super catchy right?


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