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Remember The Fun Of Winter With These Vintage Photos

Before children were glued to their televisions and smartphones 24/7, winter was a time when all of the kids in the neighborhood would bundle up in warm clothes, run around until they were exhausted, then go home for dinner and do everything over again the next day.

Things have changed a lot, but the fun of those classic winter activities will stay with you forever. To get into the spirit again, let's look back at some beautiful vintage photos of winter when it was a simpler time.

No matter when you were born, these photos are sure to stir a few fond memories. Just remember: don't forget your jacket and don't stick your tongue on that flag pole, even if you're double dog dared!


Let's start the day off with some skating

and afterwards maybe a little tobogganing

followed by a snowball fight

Hmmmm, what next...do you want to build a snowman?

Is it just me, or did snowmen back then look a lot creepier?

Next, we'll hit the ice again for some hockey

Then we'll end the day with a little skiing

Last, but certainly not least, my favorite part of a full winter day: relaxing at home with some hot cocoa afterwards!

Be sure to tell us what your favorite winter pastime was, and share these great photos with a friend!

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