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Remember The Joy You Used To Feel on Christmas Morning? These 13 Kids Are Happy They Were On The Nice List!

Christmas morning is a pretty magical time. Santa has left all the good kids gifts and everyone is feeling cheerful and excited. Some kids, more so than others.

These kids are having the time of their lives! They were lucky enough to get the exact gift they wanted and their reactions are priceless. Whether they jump, scream, or even start to cry tears of joy, these happy kids are so grateful they were on the nice list this year!

Check out the 13 best Christmas reaction videos!


1. These kids are so excited they can't even open the gift themselves!

2. There is no reaction quite as perfect as someone getting a puppy!

3. Seriously, if someone hands you a puppy, you are guaranteed to start sobbing immediately.

4. After a long process of unwrapping a gift, sometimes you start squealing before you can even confirm the gift!

5. Sometimes you don't have to be a little kid to get excited! Grown ups are allowed to be enthusiastic too.

6. Screams of joy are sometimes VERY loud. Their poor little brother cannot handle it.

7. When words fail you, just yell. It's the best way to express yourself.

8. Moms deserve surprises too!

9. All she wanted was for Santa to bring her dad to come home for Christmas, he delivered in a big way. (Get your tissues ready for this one!)

10. This girl got her dream dress and her parents got to surprise her!

11. Kid I get it, who didn't want an N64?

12. The world's sweetest kids are SO pumped to get those footsie PJs

13. This is the most enthusiastic kid on the face of the earth. He is just so excited for every single thing it is too cute!

Have you ever been this excited for any of the gifts you've received? It's such a warm and fuzzy feeling to watch these kids get their dream gifts! Share with your friends to get everyone in the holiday spirit!

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