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Home Renovations Revealed This Vintage Treasure Worth Thousands Of Dollars

A family was living in a home for several years before they decided to do a big remodel in their basement. Their home was built in the late 40's so it needed a little bit of updating. Self proclaimed "do-it-yourselfer" Branik12 started to peel off the walls in his basement and noticed a few interesting things. At first nothing seemed all that notable other than a few swastikas drawn on the walls that probably hadn't been seen since the late 1940's. But when he began to tear down the ceiling he noticed something a little more intriguing.

He noticed a lunch pail lodged into the ceiling so he carefully pulled it out and documented what he found as he opened it.

The first thing he pulled out of the lunch pail was a newspaper dated Sunday, March 25, 1951.

You have to love the old smoking advertisements! "A light smoke is better for you!" Good to know thanks!

He then realized under the newspaper were three bundles of money wrapped in paper. Opening the first he was stunned to see they were all twenty dollar bills. He started freaking out realizing that there might just be a couple thousand dollars in his hands.

Thinking that the other two packages would be the same, he opened them and realized that it was better than he could have hoped. One package contained a stack of fifties and the other a stack of one hundred dollar bills!

They met with a lawyer to discuss how to proceed with the money and now they are free to share the images. Many of the bills were extremely rare and some were almost in brand new condition even though they were all from 1928-1934. The total value of the money was a whopping $23,000! They plan to use the money for a responsible choice: pay off their mortgage.

What an awesome find! Have you ever found anything when you renovated a house? Share in the comments if you have!

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