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Rescue Mom Cat Hears Orphaned Kittens Cry And Runs To Help Them

Just weeks after this rescued mama cat gave birth to four of her own kittens, five tiny orphaned babies were brought to her foster home in desperate need of a mama's care.

When this new mom heard the orphaned babies meowing for some love, she came running!

Kim Teschan

When Kim Teschan got a call from the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission (MADACC), asking if she would try to introduce 5 orphan kittens to the new mom, she couldn't resist.

"I brought them home to see if she would adopt them. As soon as she heard one cry she came running. She is now the proud momma of 9 kittens," Kim Teschan said."

Although the newest babies are smaller than her own litter, the new mama cat is working hard to make sure every kitten is fed and clean.

Kim Teschan

Just look at this cute cuddle puddle!

Kim Teschan

Mother did a great job and all of the kittens grew up healthy and strong. Each baby was adopted to their forever home and mama cat is enjoying a well deserved rest!

Kim Teschan

Kim Teschan

There's nothing like a mother's love! Share if you agree!

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