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Adorable Baby Sea Otter Gets A Check-up From Silver Fox Vet

At the Vancouver Aquarium in British Columbia, Canada, Dr. Martin Haulena checks on the health of cuddly little Rialto the sea otter pup.

When Rialto was rescued, he was suffering from pneumonia so the good doctor checked on his lungs and his heart. It was a bit of a challenge because baby Rialto was very chatty and not at all impressed with the check-up. Like all babies, he just wanted to play!


Little Rialto suffered an injury when he was an infant, so he has a slight disfigurement on his face. We don't care though, look at his floppy little flippers and that fuzzy belly! He's such a cute and cuddly baby! He's a little camera shy and when Dr. Martin points to the camera, little Rialto hides in the gentle doctor's shoulder - awe!

Let's take a moment to appreciate this handsome man cuddling a baby otter.

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