Rescuers Thought They Had Found An Animal They Had Never Seen Before

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Workers at the Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary in New Jersey thought they knew what they were dealing with.

After a little of squirrels was found abandoned in an attic, the sanctuary brought them in to care for them. Everyone thought it was a litter of grey squirrels. They all seemed normal and nothing unusual stood out.

That is, until, one of the babies started growing white fur, not grey.

Linda DeLorenzo, one of the wildlife rehabilitators, says it's not uncommon for baby squirrels to look white at that age...but as the week went on, his white fur didn't change color at all. In fact, it only got thicker.

Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary has rescued and released over 1600 Eastern grey squirrels, but they had never come across one like this. The little guy was named Filbert, and he became a mystery to the workers.

When Filbert opened his eyes the mystery was revealed!

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