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Royal Watchers Are Convinced The Queen Just Sent A Hidden Message In Yearly Speech

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Carl Court/ PA

Every year, the Queen of England delivers a speech dressed to the nines in full regalia: including a long, sweeping, red velvet cape with fur edging; an elaborate crown and jewels. So. Many. Jewels.

Beneath all of that glitter, she typically would wear white or cream gown of lace or embroidered silk. This year, however, was different. Very different.

Normally, her decision to buck the system with a simpler style and the bright pop of colour would have raised some eyebrows; but, it was this particular color that she chose to wear and a certain detail in her hat that had many people's eyes practically popping out of their heads!

This is what the Queen looked like during her yearly speech in 2016:

This year, the Queen's speech focused heavily on the plan for the United Kingdom going forward beyond Brexit. But it was her fashion choice that spoke louder than any words she said:

The Queen's subtle message did not go unnoticed and soon everyone was talking about the secret message they believe she meant to transmit through her wardrobe...

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