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Russian Firefighters Save 150 Pigs In This Adorable Video

It's not everyday that a disaster makes international headlines for a GOOD reason, but people everywhere are celebrating after these cute little piglets were saved from a fire in Russia's Tomsk region.

A fire blew these little piggies' house down, but thankfully they were pulled out before things got really bad.

Reports say that the building's roof had already collapsed when the firefighters arrived, but you can see them heading inside anyways, pulling out armfuls of squealing little piggies again and again. They even set up a little bucket brigade to move the bigger pigs away from danger.

If all I have to do to get an armful of happy little piglets is run into a burning building, then sign me up!

Thankfully these heroes arrived just in time to save their bacon. News reports say that these little piggies will be sheltered at a local farm until their barn is rebuilt, when they'll probably go "wee wee wee" all the way home.

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